Understanding Asian Aesthetics Outline

Understanding Asian Aesthetics

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Waratah Private Hospital
Understanding Asian Aesthetics is a course designed for medical practitioners who have significant experience in cosmetic medicine, treating a growing proportion of patients of Asian background. This is a highly advanced module which requires a good understanding of skin physiology and differences in facial assessment techniques as well as application of different treatment modalities based on patient background. This course builds on the knowledge and skills gained in both the Introductory Cosmetic Medicine workshop and Advanced Cosmetic Injectables course.

A comprehensive overview of facial anatomy with geographical variations, principles of advanced facial assessment, injection techniques, the use of non-reversible dermal fillers, other modalities such as thread lifts and energy based treatments, medicolegal pitfalls as well as management of complications will be covered in detail, again emphasising supervised small-group hands-on injection sessions by highly experienced cosmetic physicians.